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Does it try your patience when handling the endless details for planning your event? Allow Harris Commerce to manage your events so you can focus on entertaining your staff, members, prospective clients, donors, friends, and guests. We can also provide wedding videography and video restoration services.

To achieve your special event goals, Harris Commerce will collaborate with your team by managing the event logistics to produce your annual conferences, biennial conventions, receptions, educational seminars, board meetings, workshops, training sessions, galas, and trade shows or expositions (throughout the exhibiting cycle).

Your Goals

We start with understanding your specific goals, objectives and budget, then a series of steps. We always consider the event show venue, the materials that would be needed, and the competitive landscape. Harris Commerce achieves successful events by applying its 4-phase approach of envision, create, design, CELEBRATE™:
PHASE 1 (envision)
Every meeting, special event, or exhibition starts with an idea

PHASE 2 (create)
Research, select, and confirm logistics

PHASE 3 (design)
Craft the event with style based on your theme; no "cookie cutter" templates

Produce the event and evaluate outcome

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