Tell your story through the power of ad designs

Harris Commerce understands that branding allows a company the opportunity to have a competitive advantage.  Since branding is driven by a company's customer perception, Harris Commerce can help increase your company's revenue through creatively designed products, both tangible and digital, that your customers recognize and appreciate.

The perception of your business determines two things: credibility and trust.  Customers are more likely to shop from businesses that appear experienced and legitimate.  So what if you’re a new business?  Your new business should provide an image that shows competitiveness and explain why trust should be given.  (A new business doesn't necessarily mean lack of experience it could mean more training and preparation is needed.)  Effective branding doesn't just inspire your current or new customers but should inspire employees also.  Harris Commerce works to understanding your mission and promoting your business with that same pride and hard work you took building it.
Some marketing companies and local governments spend too much time trying to fix things and too little time promoting the good things.  Branding a city is more than just a logo; branding a city tells the story of the past, present, and goals of the future.

Make that first impression a lasting one!  Many prospective customers will see your branded materials before communicating with you.  Harris Commerce can design or redesign your corporate, political, religious, or personal identity for reproduction on business cards, DVD covers, CD labels, letterhead, flyers, business presentations, banners, and other promotional items.
"A picture is worth a thousand words" but what happens when the paper it's printed on becomes torn, scratched, or faded over time? Wouldn't you like to have photos from your childhood (or that of a distant relative) restored from damage or retouched from black & white to color? Harris Commerce can enhance your portrait to remove cosmetic blemishes and other imperfections to allow you to show the best representation of yourself. In addition to standard picture editing, Harris Commerce can add frames and change, remove, or create backgrounds; and repair or remove "red eye", fading, scratches, missing edges, and damaged edges.
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