With competitively lower rates than most advertising companies in New York City, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Las Vegas, or Philadelphia, the quality standards of Harris Commerce still remain high. If you're going to pay hundreds of thousands to an ad agency, why not get the best technology, too, with Harris Commerce?

Harris Commerce is a design-led marketing agency that understands the value of your investment. We will do our part to provide you with the best technology and quality for your next political advertising campaign, television commercial/promo, and video/photo/music restoration, enhancement, & editing.


With so many distractions vying for the attention of prospective customers, maximizing the impact of the content they read, hear, and see is necessary. Harris Commerce creates multimedia designs that capture the senses of your audience through television commercials, online promos, voiceovers, billboards, transportation terminal seating areas, movie trailers, concert posters, social event handbills, website audio/visuals, and more.


Make that first impression a lasting one! Many prospective customers will see your branded materials before communicating with you. Harris Commerce can design or redesign your corporate, political, religious, or personal identity for exhibit both and tradeshow displays, logos, consumer products, banners, business cards, DVD covers, CD labels, letterhead, flyers, business presentations, banners, and other promotional products.

Some marketing companies and local governments spend too much time trying to fix things and too little time promoting the good things. Branding a city is more than just a logo; branding a city tells the story of the past, present, and goals of the future.  The right branding campaign can help increase tourism to your city, county, or state.


If the mind can think it, Harris Commerce can design it! We have the digital film-making tools to create custom 3D motion characters, animated 3D corporate logos, life-like still and motion animated automobiles for tv commercials, virtual cities, movie trailers, and more to help creatively convey your ideas or storybook fantasies.  If you are an independent or self-funded filmmaker, contact us today so we can bring your movie production to the big screen!


"A picture is worth a thousand words" but what happens when the paper it's printed on becomes torn, scratched, or faded over time? Wouldn't you like to have photos from your childhood (or that of a distant relative) restored from damage or retouched from black & white to color? Harris Commerce can enhance your wedding portrait or professional headshot photo to remove cosmetic blemishes and other imperfections, allowing you to show the best representation of yourself. In addition to standard picture editing, Harris Commerce can add frames and change, remove, or create backgrounds; and repair or remove "red eye", fading, scratches, missing edges, and damaged edges.
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