Tell your story through the power of ad designs

Founded in 2008, Harris Commerce believes that SAVING MONEY while RECEIVING QUALITY SERVICE is key while living its mission, “enhancing your brand through advertising, events, cinematic design, and digital imaging.”  Many service companies focus on processing the customer like an assembly line for a daily quota.  Harris Commerce does not have the same overhead limitations as other larger companies so those savings can be offered to you.

A public relations marketing campaign to reinforce the greatness of your city or business starts with effective marketing tools.  Remember, anyone can design a site and a promotional video, but very few can design a truly effective one.  Your city is always competing against other cities to attract businesses.  Your business needs to attract more customers.  If you notice your ideas are not working, give us a try.

We will implement marketing strategies using advanced software technology with our detailed assessment and hands-on approach.  Having a comprehensive understanding of marketing within a business keeps your customers informed and intrigued at the same time.  With your help and trust, we will work to build the NEXT perfect event or business venture.
Sonia D.R. Harris is the Owner and CEO of Harris Commerce. Since 1990, her experience has expanded from administrative management and desktop publishing to include event management, branding, marketing, social media management, and digital design/imaging.  Mrs. Harris earned a B.S. in Agriculture and Resource Economics/Business Management (Agribusiness) from the University of Maryland.
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