Welcome to the most affordable way of saving money when branding your business. The power of design-led marketing can help you tell the story about your brand while maintaining the quality and without an excessive price tag.


MISSION:   Enhancing your brand through advertising, events, cinematic design, and digital imaging 

Founded in 2008, Harris Commerce believes that SAVING MONEY while RECEIVING QUALITY SERVICE is key.  Many service companies focus on processing the customer like an assembly line for a daily quota. Harris Commerce does not have the same overhead limitations as other larger companies so those savings can be offered to you.


Our design services go beyond creating basic brochures and merging video clips.  Great marketing firms use the art of planning and creative design to transmit issues clients have struggled with for some time.

The edge that some had 10 years ago could show as a competitive disadvantage today.  When hiring a marketing firm, it must do the work to provide innovation and creativity.  Tenured experience alone is not enough.

At this moment, new software essential for marketers is being created for effective branding. This rapid change in new technology is what sets the truly experienced ad designers from those who provide outdated experience.

Whether it's your business or city, etc. with a limited marketing budget, you should not dive into six-figure marketing campaigns with old ideas and ad designs that are completely substandard.  If the very company you hired understands the value of their dollar, why not yours?


Small and large businesses have to establish themselves as a leader; Harris Commerce can (and WILL) assist in building your brand.  We offer a number of services that drive successful companies and organizations. Solutions include the following areas:
Advertising & Design
Event Management


Political campaign materials, commercials & online promos, movie posters, photo restoration, photo enhancement, 3D animated logos, nonprofit flyers, still 3D animations, and more!

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